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Florida Gender-Affirming Care Bans Temporarily Blocked

Djedi Order

Jun 6, 2023

Federal Judge Temporarily Blocked Two Florida Bans on Gender-Affirming Care for Minors

The Djedi Order celebrates a significant triumph for gender-affirming care. A federal judge, Robert Hinkle, temporarily blocked the implementation of two Florida bans on gender-affirming care for minors, stating that they are likely to be found unconstitutional. This decision recognizes the reality of gender identity and affirms the medical necessity of gender-affirming care.

The lawsuit, brought forth by four Florida families, argued that the bans violated the equal protection clause of the Constitution by singling out transgender minors. They requested the court to halt the bans while the case is under review. Judge Hinkle sided with the plaintiffs, highlighting that both bans represent purposeful discrimination against transgender individuals.

Judge Hinkle emphasized that gender identity is undeniably real, reinforcing the understanding held by the Djedi Order. He noted that the defendants held contradictory views, acknowledging the existence of transgender people while simultaneously claiming that trans identity is "made up." Hinkle called for an end to such dog whistles, urging proponents of the bans to either acknowledge the reality of individuals with gender identities opposite their assigned sex or remain silent.

The judge cited the overwhelming support from reputable medical associations for gender-affirming care, emphasizing that not a single reputable medical organization holds a contrary position. Hinkle recognized the parents challenging the bans as better equipped to evaluate the benefits and risks of treating their transgender children compared to the state. He expressed that their motivation stemmed from love and the desire to provide the best possible care, which contrasts with the state's motivations.

"I find that the plaintiff's motivation is love for their children and the desire to achieve the best possible treatment for them." - Judge Robert Hinkle

Plaintiffs in the case, identifying as Jane Doe and her daughter Susan, expressed immense relief at the ruling. They can now access the treatment necessary to ensure Susan's well-being and allow her to thrive as a happy and confident child. The decision serves as a powerful affirmation of the humanity of transgender people and the efficacy of science-based, established medical care.

This victory marks an important milestone not only for the Djedi Order but for the LGBTQIA+ community and gender-affirming care as a whole. It sets a precedent that challenges discriminatory legislation and upholds the rights of transgender individuals to receive essential medical treatment. The ruling aligns with the positions of major medical organizations, such as the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics, which recognize gender-affirming care as medically necessary and potentially lifesaving for transgender youth.

The temporary blocking of Florida's bans on gender-affirming care for minors represents a significant victory for the advocates of gender-affirming care. The decision by Judge Hinkle recognizes the reality of gender identity and affirms the medical necessity of providing appropriate care for transgender individuals. It is hoped that this victory will pave the way for future triumphs and reinforce the importance of equality, understanding, and acceptance within our society. Source:

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