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Operation Trans Florida Rescue

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A combination of bills in the state put Trans, Non-binary, and Drag Queen lives at risk. 

SB 1438CS/CS/HB 1297 (2023)

We are setting up houses to get LGBTQIA+ out of Florida.

Our network of volunteers is dedicated to providing spiritual guidance and assistance to those who need it. We have a range of resources, from transportation out of Florida to emergency housing.

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Call for Assistance:

If you are in Florida and need assistance, please call this number to speak to a member of the Djedi Order.


Two bills in Florida are endangering the lives of trans and non-binary individuals, as well as drag queens. Florida SB 1438 criminalizes the presence of trans women/men and non-binary people around children, making it a felony. It also criminalizes drag performances in the presence of children. This bill is reminiscent of Nazi Germany's paragraph 175, which criminalized homosexuality and the LGBTQIA+ community.


Essentially, it treats their mere existence as a sex offense.


The second bill, CS/CS/HB 1297 (2023) - Capital Sexual Battery, creates a vague opportunity for bigots who hate the LGBTQIA+ community to target and even execute LGBTQIA+ individuals for simply existing. The bill gives the state of Florida the power to charge LGBTQIA+ individuals with these crimes, based on subjective judgments by district attorneys, police, and judges. It essentially allows for the punishment of LGBTQIA+ individuals based on how they dress, much like the actions of the SS in Germany.


These laws in Florida are endangering the lives of LGBTQIA+ community members.

The Djedi Order believes in restorative justice, but it's important to note that the original Djedi did enforce the death penalty for those who committed severe crimes such as sexual assault and murder against women, children, and men. They viewed these crimes as the most heinous acts against humanity, along with intentional harm inflicted on humans through genocide and the restriction of essential resources like water, food, housing, and healthcare.

The Djedi were revered as guardians of the people, judges, peacekeepers, and were considered holy and divine. They specifically protected women and children, and a significant number of Djedi were LGBTQIA+. Similar to many cultures around the world, the LGBTQIA+ community was regarded as holy and held the responsibility of upholding justice and the laws. Sadly, many people are now defaming and spreading lies about the LGBTQIA+ community, disregarding their historical role as spiritual leaders and guardians in many nations.

Disclaimer All Programs provided by the Djedi Order, Out Proud, Tree of Ashera are subject to funding. 

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