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The LGBTQIA+ Historical Gods

Not all can be listed because there are millions but here is few highlighted ones


Horus (Heru) is the gay Egyptian god where we get the name Djedi

He was believed to be an incarnation of the god Thoth (djehuti) who before he became Horus was non binary. The Djedi or (eye of the Djed) were the egyptian priests & priestesses who  protected women & Children from evil, & kept order & balance of the source of life, Or The Force as many call it today. The tree of life and the source of all life that exists. Other Egyptian Gods & Goddesses Sekhmet, Thoth, Hoth, Isis, Bes & Taweret  & the Goddess Tara  Were the main guardians & protectors of women, children and the Source of life.

 Abortion as performed in the The Ebers Papyrus, was a religious practice of the Djedi (Djed eye) priests of Horus since the begining, to protect women and children. our members practice this as part of their sacred rites as women, tying them to the source of life. the right to chose to allow life to be given or life to be denied by abortion. Many of the gods and goddesses were associated with this truth, that the true power of the gift of life lay solely in the hands of the feminine manifestation of the Source of Life or to females whatever that gender or non binary form takes. It is our belief that the fetus is not alive until it breaths the Breath of Life, until then it is an extension of the female host the source of life has chosen to grace with the opportunity. However as said before the Choice is the hosts to allow the new born to enter our realm, it is a sacred duty of those that are gifted the choice to allow a new emanation of the Source of life to enter our world our realm. Like all Laws of Nature and Universal laws Even the Source of life Must defer to Bodily Autonomy & Self Governance as it is known in the bible Free Will, not even the universe can break this law. So to force any Femme Creator to give birth against their will is in direct violation of the Law of Nature

Abortions were performed as a sacred part the process of child birth and protecting the women & children from evil (illnesses ) 

 & keeping balance, ensuring no harm or evil came way of child birth, gatekeeping evil (Apep , evil spirits or demons) through abortion so evil could not enter our realm through the sacred path of child birth. The Ebers Papyrus documents some of these Procedures as common place & sacred as ancestor worship & ancestor statues.  If you want to learn more about this click on the link below.


LGBTQIA GODS Are Worldwide

Not only is there 42 well known Egyptian Lgbtqia gods, but there are Lgbtqia+ gods all over the world in every religion and faith. Including christianity. In hinduism Shiva & Parvati, Vishnu & Mohini , Krishna, Shikandhi, Bahuchara Mata, Rama, Angi, Mitra & Varuna, & many more are part on the LGBTQIA gods. 

In the american indigenous the 2 Spirit and Manitou / Orenda " great spirit " or life force is Lgbtqia+, Many greek and Roman gods are as well. The Chinese Tu Shen the rabbit god is a god of gay men, and hundreds more, in fact every culture, nation and religion and faith has LGBTQIA gods and goddesses older than the 3 Abrahamic religions who also saw homosexuality and non binary existence as sacred, Ashera for one is the Canaanite goddess of the tree of life & mother of YHWH the gay god, through immaculate birth. He is known as the christian god worshiped by 3500 denominations of christianity. And of course we have Jesus (Joshua in Hebrew) who to some christians is born of immaculate birth would classify him as a Trans man.


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